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STS Dagarna

From SweSTS

STS Dagarna, The National STS Meeting, is the bi-yearly recurring Swedish meeting place for Science & Technology Studies in Sweden, and was inaugurated in 2006.

The purpose of the STS conference is to create an interdisciplinary meeting place for researchers who are interested in issues related to technology and science in society. The conference is especially aimed at doctoral students and young researchers. Since 2013 the conference runs every other year, interleaving with the Nordic STS Conference.

The conference is announced on the STS Sverige mailing list.

Previous Conferences
Year More info Place Date Organizer
2006 STS Dagarna 2006 Stockholm 5-6 October SCORE, Stockholm University
2007 STS Dagarna 2007 Umeå 15-16 November Umeå University
2008 STS Dagarna 2008 Gothenburg 13-14 November Department of STS, Gothernburg University
2009 STS Dagarna 2009 Uppsala 19-20 November The STS Center, Uppsala University
2011 Linköping 23-24 March Department of Technology & Social Change, LiU
2012 STS Dagarna 2012 Stockholm 3-4 May History of Science, Technology & Environment at KTH
2013 Nordic Conference Trondheim 24-26 April Nordic Conference
2014 --- --- --- ---
2015 Nordic Conference Copenhagen 27-29 May Nordic Conference
2016 STS Dagarna 2016 Helsingborg 19-20 May Lund University
2017 Nordic Conference Gothenburg 31 May-2 June Nordic Conference
2018 STS Dagarna 2018 Uppsala 30-31 August History of Science and Ideas & STS Center, Uppsala University
2019 Nordic Conference Tampere 13-14 June Nordic Conference
2020 STS Dagarna 2020 Umeå 27–28 August Umeå University, online conference
2021 Nordic Conference Copenhagen 20-21 May Copenhagen Business School
2022 STS Dagarna 2022 Gothenburg 4-5 May The Division for STS, Chalmers University of Technology
2023 Nordic Conference Oslo 7-9 June TIK, Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture, Oslo University
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